Why is milk processing important in Dairy farms?

Dairy farmsMilk is a nutritional beverage that obtains from different animals and consumed by people. There are lots of animals like cow, goats, reindeer and buffalo that produce milk. There are several different types of milk that depends on the quantity of milk fat, which present in finished product. Some others depend on the variety of processing and produced the milk. There are most of the cows milked two times a day, even though various farms milk 3 or 4 times each day. Moreover, many dairy farms are using now milk processing equipment that must maintain the management and business standards.

It is important to check the milk meets the standards of temperature, flavor, total acidity, tanker cleanliness, odor and the deficiency of antibiotics when it arrives at milk processing plants. The butterfat and solids-not-fat substance of this raw milk is also evaluated. The quantities of butterfat and solids-not-fat in the milk will differ according to time of year, feed supply and breed of cow. Butterfat substance, solids-not-fat substance and amount are used to find out the quantity of money paid the dairy farmer.

All raw milk should be processed within 72 hours of release at the milk production plant. Milk is a nutritious food and may be many bacteria in it. The milk is pasteurized that is a procedure of heating the raw milk. The process kills all pathogenic germs that may be present in milk. Keeping the milk refrigerated is a great method to slow the development of these germs.


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