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Different types of Meat Processing Machines

Meat is the general term used to explain the edible part of the animal tissue and several processed or manufactured products that ready from these tissues. The meat is also processed by meat processing techniques and machines. There are various types of meat processing machines available in the market that is useful to processed meat.

Types of Meat Processing Machines

  1.   Meat grinder
  2.   Meat Diameter
  3.   Meat Mixer
  4.   Meat Timber
  5.   Meat Poor
  6.   Meat Hamburger dose
  7.   Meat Steppers (filling)

Meat grinder


The meat grinder is also known as meat mincer that is a kitchen appliance. It is used for fine chopping or mincing and mixing of raw or cooked meat, vegetables, fish and some similar food. The meat grinder is available on 150-800 kg that comes in various models.

Meat Diameter


The meat diameter is meat cutting machine and designed by a system which works with only piece of meat. This machine is available in 9-25 kg with different range of models.

Meat Mixer


The meat mixer is designed for mixing any preservative such as salt, preservatives and so on. It comes in 12-100 kg with variety of models.

Meat Timber


Meat timber is a well known meat processor that processes naturally. It comes in a variety of models with different features.

Meat Poor


Meat Poor is also a meat processor which is used in meat processing. Meat Poor comes in different types of models with excellent features.

Meat Hamburger dose


Meat Hamburger dose comes in a variety of models that is useful for processed meat.

Meat Steppers (filling)


Meat Steppers is a filling meat machines that comes in 10-48 kg and also available in different models.


Use these packing machines to reach the next industrial level

Packing machines are excellent machines that are useful for the packaging process like filling, wrapping, sealing, labeling, strapping and coding. Packaging machinery includes some benefits such as reducing labor prices and increasing the effectiveness of the packaging procedure by use of automation. There are various types of packing machines available in the market.

Types of packing machines

1.       Pouch filling machines

2.       Vacuum packing machines

3.       Bottle packing machines

4.       Packing Tube machines

5.       Cup filling and sealing machines

6.       Pure Pack packing machines

Pouch filling machine


These machines are intended for filling products like Yogurts, Cream, Juice and more others. The operator can easily access pouch filling machines because these provide operation and maintenance guidance to the operator. Thus, packing roll is insert in the machine after that it take pouch shape, fill the elements and lastly sealed by sealing device.

Vacuum packing machine


The vacuum packing machines are innovative types of machines that are useful for home and commercial purpose. These machines are used to pack different varieties of products such as food, electronics and even main documents. These are available in several different models that use in big industrial units.

Bottle packing machine


The Bottle packing machines are made of stainless steel that is appropriate for semi liquid and full liquid products. These machines are also semi automatic and fully automatic for filling and capping of the bottles. The filling system of these machines is multi functional, unit adaptable for broad range of products. These machines are easy to use, easy in cleaning and higher standards.

Packing Tube machine


These machines are useful for filling and sealing plastic Tubes. The packing tube machines use for the semi liquid products with special heating and sealing jaws. These machines are intended for filling products like food products, cosmetic products and pharmaceutical business. The packing tube machines include liability and more advantages.

Cup filling and sealing machines


The Cup filling machines are intended for filling liquids like milk and juice and can also fill semi liquid products like jam, mayonnaise, spreads, syrup, creams and some similar products. The Cup filling & sealing machines are available in 2 varieties that are semi-automatic and automatic. These machines are accurate, reliable and provide continuous operation without stopping.

Pure Pack packing machine


The Pure Pack packing machines are the packing machines that are useful for product packing. These machines are available in automatic and semi automatic machines. Premade pack is already set up into the machine which is used for the pack shaping, fills elements and sealed by sealing gadget. This machine controls every function with the help of advanced control panel.

Video : Bottle Filling & Sealing Machine

Make an Ice cream with or without machine


Ice cream machine

Ice cream is a frozen delicious and tasty food, which is made from dairy products like milk and cream and also includes fruits or other ingredients and flavors. You can make an Ice cream in home by 2 methods, with ice cream machine and without ice cream machine.

Make an Ice cream without machines

There are several ways that are useful to make an ice cream without machine. You can use everything from an easy blend-and-freeze technique. Thus, a handmade ice cream is good and makes it with some ingredients and no special equipment required. The most excellent part of this process is how easily it comes together. You can make a tasty, delicious and soft ice cream in just 10–15 minutes.

Make an Ice cream with machines

There are several ice cream machines that are very useful to make delicious ice cream. The ice cream machines are available in 2 types that are home made Ice cream machines and professional Ice cream machines. There is several benefits of making homemade ice cream with the lovely texture and freshness. The ice cream is made from normal ingredients with no preservatives, no stabilizers and no food coloring. The professional Ice cream machines have an independent heavy duty refrigeration compressor and it can make many dishes in a line. These machines are easy to use and make a delicious and tasty ice cream in 20-25 minutes.

Health benefit of processed milk

processed milkMilk is a helpful nutritious food, which has a short shelf-life and needs careful handling. Milk is very useful and helpful for health because it is one of the best medium for the development and growth. There are many countries in the world that provide huge amount of milk in all over the world. India is the top country in the chart of milk production. India is also world’s biggest consumer of milk and dairy products. India produces a big 144 million tones of milk annually. There are 75 million farmer families that are producing milk in all countries including European Union. These farmers also look out the milk processing way, milk storage; milk handling and testing on different basis, which is always an important concern.

The Indian dairy sector not only gives health to the country but also increases the economic development. According to report, country accounts for 17% of the total worldwide milk output. Thus, it is time to be thankful to the NDDB that is National Dairy Development Board, which started ‘Operation Flood’ in 1970. The operation transform milk production in India by allowing millions of small and secondary farmers during dairy cooperative in villages and make sure better hygiene standards and better packaging.

Milk pasteurization and processing of milk increases the milk value by killing pathogenic microorganisms and other bacteria that presents in the raw milk. The dairy farmers control it with the use of trustworthy and advanced technology like milk processing equipment and robotic technology. Milk undergoes different types of heat treatment such as high temperature-short time (HTST) pasteurization and ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment.

World’s top 20 dairy companies

World’s top 20 dairy companies

According to latest yearly survey of Rabobank, world’s biggest dairy companies highlight the huge of one of the world’s most important food sectors. In the latest survey, the largest dairy companies names Swiss major Nestle is the top dairy company in the world with turnover of $27.8 billion and second top company is French Lactalis with turnover of $19.5 billion, 3rd is Danone with turnover of $19.5 billion, although New Zealand’s Fonterra is on 4th with turnover of $18.5 billion in 2014.

The Rabobank record is overlook by European dairies with the top 20. France alone has 3rd-Danone, Lactalis, Savencia, Sodiaal. The United State is also big market with fifth top dairies-DFA, Kraft Foods, Schreiber Foods, Dean Foods, Land O’ Lakes-making it into the record. In evaluation, Indian dairy companies are small. Parag Milk Foods is a Maharashtra-based dairy farm, which had turnover of 1,400 crore in 2014-2015. According to the International Farm Comparison Network, It has published a list of top 20 worldwide dairies based on their milk ingestion in 2013. The Amul is biggest company that ranked 15th with 0.6 per cent share of worldwide milk production.

According to RS Sodhi who is managing director of the GCMMF (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation), most of the milk producing nations in the globe were dominated by supportive players, be it New Zealand, the United State and Australia. There is difference with India, which is the foreign cooperative limit themselves to milk processing and milk procurement. They sell milk in volume to confidential firms for value added milk products.

Position Company Country
1. Nestlé Switzerland
2. Lactalis France
3. Danone France
4. Fonterra New Zealand
5. Dairy Farmers of America USA
6. FrieslandCampina Netherlands
7. Arla Foods Denmark/Sweden
8. Saputo Canada
9. Dean Foods USA
10. Yili China
11. Mengniu China
12. Unilever Netherlands/UK
13. Sodiaal France
14. DMK Germany
15. Savencia (formerly Bongrain) France
16. Kraft Foods USA
17. Meiji Japan
18. Schreiber Foods USA
19. Land O’Lakes USA
20. Muller Germany

Source: Rabobank

Britannia Industries Ltd plans to Increase dairy business

Britannia_IndustriesBritannia Industries Ltd is a large Biscuit maker company. Nowadays, Britannia is planning to expand their dairy business, less than 2 decades after the Britannia Company started selling milk products, packaged cheese, curd and butter in India. According to Britannia, they could invest as much as 300 crore -350 crore if it goes by a completely integrated model. The managing director Varun Berry said that “will take eight to nine months more to complete its dairy plans and take it to the board, as it researches new products.

The company goes to push its sub-Rs.350 crore in dairy business that gives less than 5% to sales. It comes at a time when managing director is developing a diversification power at the Rs.7, 175 crore biscuit manufacturer. The company’s reluctance to increase the dairy business is basically an effect of a tepid entrance into dairy years back. However, the dairy business is not simple one to crack in India, where milk production source from dairy farmers.

The company is scaling up the dairy business, which is an important part of the strategic development plan of the Britannia Company for the next 12 to 14 months. The company is also estimating a home model from procurement to processing in place of the existing outsourced model. Thus, they are still working on the dairy plan; a big financial plan will important to get dairy.

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Basic Elements of Milk Production Unit

Milk Production UnitDairy farm is one of the major businesses in all over the world that uses different types of elements to improve business. Dairy farm includes different types of milk production units, which is helpful to dairy farm. It is not only significant for the best maintenance of the farm standards but also maintain the every product. A big dairy unit uses milk processing equipment every day to meet its daily object and utilities. There are several general components applied in a dairy farm such as milk processing equipment, pasteurization plants, butter making equipments, milk tankers and some other equipment.

There are some main milk processing techniques, which are useful in dairy business. When milk is supplied to the milk plant, it needs to be stored for longer time and milk is equipped for the next process. The dairy equipment requires being air tight and free from germs or contaminates organisms to the highest level. These milk production storage units should stay at fixed temperature. There are some different types of storage elements and dairy equipments, which can help you store milk for more time in the best way. Thus, these milk production units are very useful for the dairy business.

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How to manage a dairy farm?

Dairy FarmDairy farm is important for every dairy farmer and dairy owner. So, it is also important to keep dairy farm well maintained. There are some tips to maintain your dairy farms that are below:

  1. Operation management

You can learn more about dairy management from different operation management courses such as dairy maintenance, milk processing techniques and some others guidance that are related to dairy farms. You can also learn about implementation of latest technologies in dairy farm.

  1. Appropriate Maintenance Require

The right maintenance requires for dairy farm because lots of things present in dairy farm so you can do proper maintenance. It is essential to know everything about milk processing equipment which presets in dairy farm. Proper management and proper working of these equipments are very vital.

  1. Maintenance of Records

The records maintenance is very significant in financial and cow milk production. It is very beneficial for dairy farm because if you have any problem in maintenance and finance so you can verify it from past records. You can also check effect of working with the help of these records. Thus, these tips are helpful for your dairy farm and keep your dairy farm safe.

How Robots Work in Dairy Farm?

robotic machineRobotic machine is new equipment that is mostly using in dairy farms. These help to manage each and everything in dairy farm. Robotic machines are use for different purpose in Dairy farm. Main use of these machines is cow milking. Cows get themselves to milk through a robotic machine that is able to notify while they were last milked and even the food content of their supply. The robotic technology has been around since the 1990s, it is only right now that is actually beginning to take hold in all over the world. Generally, dairy farmers have to connect automatic pumps to their dairy cows two times a day with the purpose of extract milk. The robots also check the quality and amount of milk produced through milk processing technique.

By way of the modern robotic technology, they can sit back and rest, get on with other essential tasks as the machines do mainly of work for them. More frequent milking means higher level of milk production volumes and more time to use in other jobs. For those who have spending time with the dairy cows, they can still manage the procedure and keep with the herd. Therefore, many farmers use milk processing equipment, semi-automatic machine and some others for milking.

How to increase milk production in dairy farms?

Increase milk productionAt the present time, milk is one of the food resources. There are many people who include milk in their daily diet and consider it as a whole diet. For the reason, demands of dairy products are increasing high. There are some useful ways that will increase milk production in dairy farms.

Use Dairy Equipments

It is very important to use the best types of milk processing equipment in dairy farm. Nowadays, every cow on dairy farms is milked by dairy equipment without any harm. Cows can give milk 25 liters every day. It is necessary to apply the best equipments for milk production. The equipments are pasteurizers, homogenizers, tanks and separators that are newest machines used in dairy farm.

Use Latest Technology

It is very essential to use modern technology for milk processing and milk production because latest technology is the best technique to increase milk production. In every dairy, many farmers use machinery but only some farmer use correct technology. So, this is the reason, milk production increase and decrease. There are many successful dairy farms which use the latest technology, best milk processing equipments and top resources.