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Why is milk processing important in Dairy farms?

Dairy farmsMilk is a nutritional beverage that obtains from different animals and consumed by people. There are lots of animals like cow, goats, reindeer and buffalo that produce milk. There are several different types of milk that depends on the quantity of milk fat, which present in finished product. Some others depend on the variety of processing and produced the milk. There are most of the cows milked two times a day, even though various farms milk 3 or 4 times each day. Moreover, many dairy farms are using now milk processing equipment that must maintain the management and business standards.

It is important to check the milk meets the standards of temperature, flavor, total acidity, tanker cleanliness, odor and the deficiency of antibiotics when it arrives at milk processing plants. The butterfat and solids-not-fat substance of this raw milk is also evaluated. The quantities of butterfat and solids-not-fat in the milk will differ according to time of year, feed supply and breed of cow. Butterfat substance, solids-not-fat substance and amount are used to find out the quantity of money paid the dairy farmer.

All raw milk should be processed within 72 hours of release at the milk production plant. Milk is a nutritious food and may be many bacteria in it. The milk is pasteurized that is a procedure of heating the raw milk. The process kills all pathogenic germs that may be present in milk. Keeping the milk refrigerated is a great method to slow the development of these germs.


Health benefit of processed milk

processed milkMilk is a helpful nutritious food, which has a short shelf-life and needs careful handling. Milk is very useful and helpful for health because it is one of the best medium for the development and growth. There are many countries in the world that provide huge amount of milk in all over the world. India is the top country in the chart of milk production. India is also world’s biggest consumer of milk and dairy products. India produces a big 144 million tones of milk annually. There are 75 million farmer families that are producing milk in all countries including European Union. These farmers also look out the milk processing way, milk storage; milk handling and testing on different basis, which is always an important concern.

The Indian dairy sector not only gives health to the country but also increases the economic development. According to report, country accounts for 17% of the total worldwide milk output. Thus, it is time to be thankful to the NDDB that is National Dairy Development Board, which started ‘Operation Flood’ in 1970. The operation transform milk production in India by allowing millions of small and secondary farmers during dairy cooperative in villages and make sure better hygiene standards and better packaging.

Milk pasteurization and processing of milk increases the milk value by killing pathogenic microorganisms and other bacteria that presents in the raw milk. The dairy farmers control it with the use of trustworthy and advanced technology like milk processing equipment and robotic technology. Milk undergoes different types of heat treatment such as high temperature-short time (HTST) pasteurization and ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment.

Basic Elements of Milk Production Unit

Milk Production UnitDairy farm is one of the major businesses in all over the world that uses different types of elements to improve business. Dairy farm includes different types of milk production units, which is helpful to dairy farm. It is not only significant for the best maintenance of the farm standards but also maintain the every product. A big dairy unit uses milk processing equipment every day to meet its daily object and utilities. There are several general components applied in a dairy farm such as milk processing equipment, pasteurization plants, butter making equipments, milk tankers and some other equipment.

There are some main milk processing techniques, which are useful in dairy business. When milk is supplied to the milk plant, it needs to be stored for longer time and milk is equipped for the next process. The dairy equipment requires being air tight and free from germs or contaminates organisms to the highest level. These milk production storage units should stay at fixed temperature. There are some different types of storage elements and dairy equipments, which can help you store milk for more time in the best way. Thus, these milk production units are very useful for the dairy business.

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How to increase milk production in dairy farms?

Increase milk productionAt the present time, milk is one of the food resources. There are many people who include milk in their daily diet and consider it as a whole diet. For the reason, demands of dairy products are increasing high. There are some useful ways that will increase milk production in dairy farms.

Use Dairy Equipments

It is very important to use the best types of milk processing equipment in dairy farm. Nowadays, every cow on dairy farms is milked by dairy equipment without any harm. Cows can give milk 25 liters every day. It is necessary to apply the best equipments for milk production. The equipments are pasteurizers, homogenizers, tanks and separators that are newest machines used in dairy farm.

Use Latest Technology

It is very essential to use modern technology for milk processing and milk production because latest technology is the best technique to increase milk production. In every dairy, many farmers use machinery but only some farmer use correct technology. So, this is the reason, milk production increase and decrease. There are many successful dairy farms which use the latest technology, best milk processing equipments and top resources.

Tips to Boost Profitability for Dairy Business

cowDairy business is very important for every farmer and they do more possible effort to improve Profitability in their dairy farms. The dairy business is providing best facilities to everyone. We are getting more dairy products and milk products through the dairy farm because it uses the best milk processing and production techniques. There are few tips for farmers to boost their dairy business that is below.

Think About block calving For Your dairy farm

Could you change to block calving in autumn or spring for exhaustive grazing? Now, it is the time to do it through the window to stop reproduction fast-approaching. Catch up the stragglers at this time with beef semen simply; take a break for 3 or 4 months. Come back through a bang, by sexed semen on heifers, conservative on cows. It is important to make use of dairy semen for 3 to 3 months, then beef.

Increase Your Milk Prices

This is vital to try and boost your milk cost however you are able to. This is also essential when most regular milk costs are on the ground. Try to get benefits of all the bonuses presented. There are Seasonal pricing starts quickly, so get prepared to take benefit. This is very useful for the milk production and dairy production.

Make Perfect on Grazing

If your grass is not perfect, so it is essential to fix it now although there is still half the grazing time left. Fertilize and then find it back in the revolving in 30 days. Also re-evaluate those late cuts. They are constantly more exclusive to secure, so graze it or build dry bales to cut expenses.

Time to get achievement

Dairy farmers have to know just how significant things which are in the dairy business currently. Farmers should not join their head in the smooth. Most of the people could have been practical about changes to their industry to cope with the slump that have seen more than the last 6 months. But they now want to be reactive and get going, as costs may not get well in the next 6 months either.

Deal with the short term

Nowadays, Cash flow is the instant demand that you must also do some compassion checking all over your forecasts for the upcoming months. It means checking for difficulties and having some option strategy. Therefore, there is lots of milk processing equipment used in the dairy farm for dairy production that is also very helpful for increase production.

All the time be better

Times are definitely hard, but you can still get on a culture of frequent development. The way to do this is set several goals for vary you want to build to your business.

Kansas Milk Production More Than Doubled In the Past 20 Years

cows milk productionMilk production in Kansas has too much doubled in the past 20 years, and professional say numerous factors like the growth of in-state dairies are behind the boost. The cows of Kansas produced 3.1 billion pounds of milk in 2014 and 181% increase production as compared to 1994 according to reported. It is also raise of 6.1% as compared to year before. According to Kansas Department of dairy farmingthat one of the fastest growth rates in the country, with milk production increasing by at least 5 percent each year since 2012.” In 2014, Kansas produced sufficient milk for 350 million one-gallon milk jug, with a quantity of approximately $746 million, according to the group. The state has approximately 325 dairies and 143,000 cows.

Executive director of the Kansas Dairy organization is Stephanie Eckroat said that a combination of aspects have helped boost milk production, with the development of several dairies and every cow producing more extra milk on average than in the earlier period. Dairy farmers are all the time determined to get better their inheritance and milk production.

Dairy owner in another states have eyed move to Kansas because of the accessibility of alfalfa and other feed granule. Kansas also has low wetness and open land wherever dairy farmers do not have to worry about offensive neighbors. It is not clear if milk processing and production will continue to produce at the rate it has in recent years due to water accessibility being a durable issue. Therefore, the Kansas dairy farm using best milk processing equipment to increase milk production in their farms.

Israel is the New leader in Dairy Technology

Dairy technologySome years ago, the Israeli dairy farmers faced a difficulty, how they can give milk to a quick growing population in their country through the little graze land. They moved around the technology, developed milk processing equipment that increased output from cooling systems to the milk measuring device and biometrics which have completed Israeli cows the most productive in the globe.

According to science rule, management systems are very helpful for the cows’ health, milk production, inheritance and fertility that are closely monitored. The communal farms over the country, they line up through the dozens to enter weather controlled shed, awaiting the newest innovations in automatic milking that drive up effectiveness. This has placed the country’s farming technology and the companies that supply it that is in demand all over the world as through populations and dairy utilization on the established farming tips are no longer cut it.

Israeli farming has benefited from a report in the country’s bigger high technology business, which has developed into a major development engine and asset inducement. The international market for dairy agricultural technologies is appeal about $850 million per year according to business resource. Israel exports division is totaled $110 million in 2014, up to 7% increase from a past year, according to the country’s export organization. For example in the US, milk processing production has increases by approximately half since 1970, although the number of cows has turn down through about a sector. Therefore, Developing countries in the Asia they want to improve their outdated dairy business and are looking to Israel for milk products and knowledge.

How to Find Used Milk Production Equipment?


Dairy equipment has become complicated and machine powered these days. They are very important for every dairy activity. There are various farm equipments that are useful for every dairy farm such as tractors, planting equipments, milk processing equipment, milking apparatus and so on. There are various online websites where you can find used dairy equipments which are convenient and easy to use. There are lots of trustworthy financing companies that have knowledge in dairy equipment which can help dairy farm owners by financing farming equipment at improved interest prices. They allow online forms for application and take instant steps to give fast support. Therefore the farm owners can get the preferred amount to purchase any of the farming equipment.

Thus, Milk processing equipment is very essential equipment for home use or dairy use. It can be very hard to find accurately what you want. There are various sources of dairy equipment from where you can find both latest and used items. You will find these equipments on EBay, Amazon and some worldwide online websites. There are lots of features includes in the reused dairy equipments such as reliable, easy to use and affordable. Higher quality milk production is requires an included milking system for dairies of every sizes and running styles. This equipment is also milk cooling equipment that is suitable refrigeration key to maintaining high milk excellence. Be sure your cooling system develops with your procedure.

Fonterra Increases Forecast of Milk Production


Fonterra is the world’s biggest dairy processor in the New Zealand. Now, Fonterra is forecasting and accumulate slightly extra milk this time than last time that was a record year for the milk production. In the January, it was forecasting a drop of over 3 percent in this season’s milk produce as farmers react to drought situation in several areas, and the low milk payment, through cutting back on production to decrease prices. At that position, its every day milk collection was operating 6% at the back the 2013 and 2014 time. Though, Fonterra’s most recent estimate is for milk production to higher 1.6 billion kilos of the milk solids for this time that is based on latest increasing situation on dairy farms.

That is a modest higher than the 1.58 billion kilos it collected preceding season. According to chief financial officer of Fonterrathere was still a month to run and the final tally would depend on what farmers did during the end of the season”. “Fonterra milk processing and production curve is very joined, year later than year, in the initial measurement of the season, over the climax. They are trending a little bit improved now but this is now a lesser improvement towards the finish of the season and there is still instability in conditions of how speedily the dairy farmers dry off the cows and that will go on to decrease the dairy production again. Fonterra’s milk production can cover a bearing on global dairy costs.

Therefore, it is the world’s leading dairy processor and used top milk processing equipment for the milk production. If it puts additional product into the twice-monthly worldwide dairy trade sales, consequently of a development in its milk provide, that will put even extra force on sale prices, which have fallen through over 20 % since February. That cost turn down was behind Fonterra’s result this week to drop its estimate milk payment by one more 20 cents a kilo of the milk solids.

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World’s Biggest Milk Producer Plan to Double Milk Production by 2027

milk prodution

The world’s prime producer of milk (India) plans to twice its production by 2027 in comparison to 2012 levels.  In a progress which would bring yearly levels of milk production in the country to approximately 280 billion liters.  This enhance, which signifies an annual development rate of 5.9%, is necessary to keep speed with the predicted get higher in Indian consumption of dairy or milk products. Total utilization of egg and dairy products in the India between 1990 and 2011 grew through approximately 120%.

According to Irish Farmers Journal Jack Kennedy who is dairy expert said that Ireland’s sell abroad to the country are minimum, but as the world’s leading milk producer, a push to become basically self-contained in milk processing production is quite important, provided that mainly of India’s milk production presently takes place on individual dairy farms with only 3 or 4 cows, the common of which are buffaloes. The Milk Producer plans increase the development, also suggests latest plan, maintain self-support that will be an important challenge.

Therefore, Referring to Ireland’s minimum imports to the state, the spokesperson added that Indian administration policy is to retain dairy self-support for household consumption and the administration puts “severe significance levies on every dairy imports, usually 35% plus, while China freely allows dairy imports through minimum duties. These are using now latest milk processing equipment which is improving the production. However, along with the little scale of its dairy farms, India faces other challenge in getting its 2027 production goal counting limited quantity of fodder and the value of concentrate.