Is Grass Fed Excellent Option for Dairy Cows?

Dairy Cows

Lately, there has been more concern in the grass-fed milk or milk which is produced by cows fed just grass on pasture. The plan being that grain is evil and not good for the dairy cows and the milk they produce. This is the latest marketing plans for the dairy farm and cannot be the best choice for every dairy cows. Many years ago, most of the people became involved enough in the idea of grass-fed to do some study. They were interested if I would save money to balance the loss of milk production and profits.  Dairy production can go down through 30% or more while cows are no high fed grain. They studies holistic actions and work widely through organic dairies.

According to research beef livestock and dual use breeds of dairy cows that have been milk bred and beef that can maintain themselves on now grass and hay. They save a strong portion of the feed for their body condition.  Other than, cows that has been bred to increase milk processing production such as Holsteins, Guernseys and Jerseys which are bred to change the feed.

Therefore, Grass-fed milk can be an effective idea for dual purpose breeds that do not produce a lot of milk such as Devons, Short Horns and Dexters. They can provide milk and keep a strong body condition with no being fed grain. But to withhold every grain from dairy livestock bred to improve milk production that can often guide to skinny cows through health troubles.


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