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Health benefit of processed milk

processed milkMilk is a helpful nutritious food, which has a short shelf-life and needs careful handling. Milk is very useful and helpful for health because it is one of the best medium for the development and growth. There are many countries in the world that provide huge amount of milk in all over the world. India is the top country in the chart of milk production. India is also world’s biggest consumer of milk and dairy products. India produces a big 144 million tones of milk annually. There are 75 million farmer families that are producing milk in all countries including European Union. These farmers also look out the milk processing way, milk storage; milk handling and testing on different basis, which is always an important concern.

The Indian dairy sector not only gives health to the country but also increases the economic development. According to report, country accounts for 17% of the total worldwide milk output. Thus, it is time to be thankful to the NDDB that is National Dairy Development Board, which started ‘Operation Flood’ in 1970. The operation transform milk production in India by allowing millions of small and secondary farmers during dairy cooperative in villages and make sure better hygiene standards and better packaging.

Milk pasteurization and processing of milk increases the milk value by killing pathogenic microorganisms and other bacteria that presents in the raw milk. The dairy farmers control it with the use of trustworthy and advanced technology like milk processing equipment and robotic technology. Milk undergoes different types of heat treatment such as high temperature-short time (HTST) pasteurization and ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment.


5 Golden Rules of Dairy Grazing

Cow grazingDairy farming has been fractioned of farming for many years. Therefore, Dairy farm is very important for dairy farmers. There are some important rules that include in dairy farms regarding dairy grazing.

Pasture vegetative and Increasing

It is important to keep the pasture vegetative and increasing between 4 to 14 inches. When grazed lesser, the plants want to draw greatly on root assets for re-growth. It takes time to grow from 1 to 4 inches and the milk processing plants rising points are just about the 4-inch mark for lots of species and not to be crop off. Once plants are above than 4 inches, more power from the sun, before the roots, assists very quick plant growth up until just about the 12 inch to 14 inch mark where the plant development begins to measured as it begins to build up seed heads to replicate.

Fast pasture

It is important to graze the pasture quickly through 12-hour breaks in milking herds to keep up search quality and not allow re-growth to be crop as that more depletes root funds. This is based on special and research knowledge, low to no grain programs are not direct in present dairy scheme. Low milk production level herds are liable to have high preservation prices per cow relative to higher make herds that for those same cow protection prices may generate 50-100 percent extra.

Maintain sward strength

Rest the place to permit time for regrowth that can be 12-18 days in the spring and 30-45 days in late summer. Late summer rest times are vital to keep up sward health and decrease weed seed opposition.

Flexible Grazing

Be flexible as every grazing occasion and each period is different. Eternal fixed paddock systems are frequently the wrong dimension for difference of the grazing period. Use available provisional fencing knowledge. It is also vital to use milk processing equipment or dairy equipment for Flexible Grazing.

Feed cows

It is essential to feed those cows as there is no such object as free of cost milk. Earnings are turned by running on the “edge over body protection” meaning it takes many feed to keep a cow. Each extra 5 pounds of grain can give sufficient nutrients to maintain an extra 10 pounds of milk and frequently results in a 3:1 return per each dollar used up.

Israeli dairy maker Tnuva cuts wholesale cost on 30 dairy products

dairy products

Tnuva announced it is to go down wholesale costs on 30 dairy items, following a 6.4% go down in the cost maker pay for raw milk. The go follows severe criticism stages at the country’s dairy makers about a week ago by farming and rural growth Minister, for not lowering costs in spite of the turn down in their own expenditure for raw milk. The Agriculture Ministry said that “it expected the country’s dairy manufacturers – of which Tnuva is the largest – to follow suit. Strauss and Tara have also said they will be lowering prices.”

The law bars dairy makers said that the retail cost of supermarkets indict for their products according to farm milk production. It remains to be seen if every the savings the seller are set to have will be passed all along to the customer. Agriculture Minister said the position in lower the supposed target cost for raw milk was so that customers, rather than seller, would advantage from the savings. Tnuva, which was just obtain by clear Food of China, will be lowering costs by 4%-7% on most of the dairy products on which cost cuts have been ready according to their milk processing method. The list cost for cottage cheese – an Israeli fastener that became a key focus of the price of living dissent of 2011 which will be cut through 4%. The cost for white cheese raise is being cut through 6.8%.

Tnuva’s go to lower extensive dairy cost is broader than the cost reductions that the country’s great dairy maker. The third-biggest dairy, Tara, which is owned through the middle Bottling Company, said it will also notify the superstore chains of a drop in the costs it accuses them. They are used the best milk processing equipment for dairy farm with huge range of variety.

Why organic milk live longer than regular milk?

Organic milk

If you have always shopped for milk, you have no doubt observed that regular milk ends within a week or earlier and organic milk last longer as a month. Generally, it turns out that it has not anything to do by the milk being natural. The organic means is that the dairy farm the milk comes from does not utilize antibiotics to fight diseases in dairy cows or hormones to motivate more milk production from cow.

Organic or natural milk lasts longer because creators utilize a several milk processing method to protect it. According to the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance, “the milk needs to stay fresh longer because organic products often have to travel farther to reach store shelves since it is not produced throughout the country.”

The method that provides the milk a longer ridge life is known as ultrahigh temperature (UHT) processing or handling, in that milk is heated to the 280 degrees Fahrenheit and 138 degrees Celsius) for 2 to 4 seconds, killing any germs in it. It is compare that to pasteurization that uses milk processing equipment method and the normal preservation procedure. There are 2 types of pasteurization process that is low temperature that is long time process, in which milk is heated to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and 63 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes and 2nd is the more general high temperature that is short time process, in which milk is heated to approximately 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 71 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds.

The different types of temperatures indication at why UHT-treated milk last longer: Pasteurization does not execute every bacteria in the milk, just sufficient thus that you do not get an illness through your milk mustache. UHT, in the other hand, kills the whole thing.

Economic Advantages of Organic Dairy Farms

Organic dairy farmNowadays, organic dairy farm is an excellent option because an organic dairy farm is useful when cows graze in pasture for the time of the rising season, eat organically grown supply and are not treated through antibiotics or hormones. Well manage organic dairy farms are less risky to the atmosphere than predictable dairies, and there is proof that the milk they make may be healthier for health. There are some economic benefits measures for the organic dairy farm.

Improve services – It is vital to improves milk processing services in the Organic Dairy Farms. With the help of this organic dairy sale were shown to outcome in superior positive impacts across every of these metrics than same increases in predictable dairy sales.

Output– The output is very important aspect for the value of milk production in the state. With the help of Organic Dairy Farms dairy farmers can increase Output easily.

Gross state result– This is important to improve the incremental financial value that a sector gives to the state’s market. Therefore, Organic Dairy Farms is good for give exact result. Therefore, for better Gross state result Organic Dairy Farms are using high quality milk processing equipment for best result.

Labor profits– It is also essential the profits from employment with wages, revenue and benefits of self-employed production owners.

Therefore, these benefits of dairy farms are very best for better environment, better consumer’s health, and better for local economies. But latest dairy farm policies build organic dairy farming more hard even it should not need to be, and tend to decrease organic dairy production and utilization.

Kansas Milk Production More Than Doubled In the Past 20 Years

cows milk productionMilk production in Kansas has too much doubled in the past 20 years, and professional say numerous factors like the growth of in-state dairies are behind the boost. The cows of Kansas produced 3.1 billion pounds of milk in 2014 and 181% increase production as compared to 1994 according to reported. It is also raise of 6.1% as compared to year before. According to Kansas Department of dairy farmingthat one of the fastest growth rates in the country, with milk production increasing by at least 5 percent each year since 2012.” In 2014, Kansas produced sufficient milk for 350 million one-gallon milk jug, with a quantity of approximately $746 million, according to the group. The state has approximately 325 dairies and 143,000 cows.

Executive director of the Kansas Dairy organization is Stephanie Eckroat said that a combination of aspects have helped boost milk production, with the development of several dairies and every cow producing more extra milk on average than in the earlier period. Dairy farmers are all the time determined to get better their inheritance and milk production.

Dairy owner in another states have eyed move to Kansas because of the accessibility of alfalfa and other feed granule. Kansas also has low wetness and open land wherever dairy farmers do not have to worry about offensive neighbors. It is not clear if milk processing and production will continue to produce at the rate it has in recent years due to water accessibility being a durable issue. Therefore, the Kansas dairy farm using best milk processing equipment to increase milk production in their farms.

Otago Dairy farmers win Dairy Business 2015 Award


The South Island Otago Dairy farmers have won proud rights with this year’s Dairy Business of Year contest after taking home both the highest winner and runner-up placing. Outram farmers Duncan and Anne-Marie Wells got 1st top prize as Southland farmers John Ferris and Tim Dawkins were placed 2nd. The Wells’ received the prize at a management on Thursday night in the Hamilton. They also have received awards for the top Otago dairy business or dairy farm and for their ecological presentation.

According to Duncan “winning the supreme award was a huge surprise and he thanked wife Anne-Marie for the role she played in their business.” Thus, the countrywide competition gives farmers with a self-determining and wide-ranging farm investigation that charge and describes the systems in the dairy project during the last complete financial year. These dairy farmers are using milk processing techniques which are helpful in their dairy farm. 70% of the farm’s presentation is evaluator on its earnings, 15% is on environmental administration and 15% on its people administration.

The awards are based on records collected from 2013-2014 seasons. The Wells’ 181 successful hectare dairy farm milks 620 cows, 296,044kg solids production, or 477kg MS for each cow. Their dairy farm had a stocking charge of 3.5 cows per hectare, 84% of their herd’s diet was meadow and 15.7 tones of dry substance per hectare of pasture are harvested. The Wells’ feed change effectiveness was 10.69kgDM/kg MS. The whole pasture consumed per cow is 4.32t of dry stuff that helped them get a higher milk production per cow and low charge of production at $3.78/kg MS.

The competition judge tells the Wells’ farm production presentation as “outstanding with an excellent operating earnings and return on resources. They utilized best milk processing equipment and proper management. This is a result of superior cost allowance making higher revenue than the area top 10% with equivalent expenses.

How do Dairy Farms Work?

Dairy bull with cows. 14 Dec 2005. Kings Marsh 11a. SJ 4307 5463.

Nowadays, Dairy farming is one of the most demanding and tough jobs in the field of dairy business. It is very tough task to find a person who did not drink milk in his life. There are all types of milk that is sold throughout the shops that are processed milk and ready in the dairy farms. If you are interested to run a dairy farm at this time then it requires more ability and guidance than it was necessary before. By including the technology into the dairy farming business, the incomes can be improved on a huge scale. The time of a dairy farmer starts early in the morning and finish late night. There are some most important things that are required to work in dairy farms.

The first most important thing which has to done within a day is to organize the farm animals for milk processing technique. This is generally done before the morning and the cows are taken to the milking tool shed. The procedure of milking completes in 2 different methods. There is one of the manual milking that takes time and in the second procedure the milking is done by latest milking devices. These are more resourceful in getting the milk at a quicker price. Some time ago the cows are milked they will be get back to their protection.

There are many farms where cows are milked 2 times per day. This will be decreased to once in a day all through the summer time when the milk production is relatively less than that of the autumn time. The milk acquired from the cows which is remove to the processing plant in huge refrigerated containers. It is needed to test the warmth and taste of the milk before it leaves to the dairy plant. All the milk that makes the processing plant transfers into big tanks with the help of milk processing equipment. Therefore, these types of methods are very helpful to work in dairy farms.

How Good is Milk for Health?

milk and health

Milk has been linked by way of good health and consumed beverages all the way through the Europe and US. It is consideration that the capability to take in the milk sugar lactose away from childhood that is first develop in dairy farming society in central Europe approximately 7500 years before. Milk is come from lots of different type of animal such as cow, sheep and goat milk being the most commonly consumed from milk processing techniques. There are also various milk alternatives presented now like soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, and extra. Even cow’s milk comes in lots of varieties with the different flavored varieties like chocolate or strawberry, milk by extra omega-3s, lactose-free milks, hormone free or natural milks and condensed fat milk.

A rich diet in milk has long been help as a way for kids to make strong muscles and bones, and stave off the troubles of osteoporosis in elder. Proponents have mainly noted its potassium, calcium and Vitamin D substance. The United State Department of Agriculture suggests daily expenditure of fat-free or low-fat milk at 2 to 2.5 cups for younger kids and 3 cups a day for elder children and adults.

There are some customers say the healthiest form of milk is raw milk, instantly from the cow. But health executive say milk should be pasteurized through the milk processing equipment to stop disease-causing germs such as campylobacter and salmonella. Science Studies signify pasteurization can involve some of the vitamins found in the milk, like vitamin B12, thiamine and vitamin C but milk is simply a small resource of these vitamins. Generally, pasteurization does not considerably change the food importance of milk and it can save lives, according to the Centers for sickness Control and avoidance.

There are several scientists have begun to query earlier statements about milk production profit. For example, there are various researchers have noted low fracture charges in Asian countries where small milk is addicted, and questioned whether there is sufficient proof to support the central milk consumption suggestion. Some studies have connected milk to hazard of prostate and ovarian cancers although lots of scientists believe additional research is desired before drawing conclusion about milk as a reason.

Techniques to Increase dairy business Productivity

Dairy farm ImprovementDairy businesses are under great pressure and makers are looking to increase their bottom line where feasible. There are some tips to boost dairy business Productivity:

Bottom-up Resources

The first most important thing to consider about your dairy business is what you would like and want to earn. Think about what your business needs are for things like refund, tax and instant needs. Then, you can appear at your production act over the last 5 years and work out what you require to make up to hit those plans.

Make objectives and hit

You want to be looking at key act signs and determine yourself against them. A dairy business must be planning for £1,000/ha earnings before rent and money for the milk processing techniques. That profit must be the least amount of 5p/liter, but standard 10p/liter. It is important to identify what you are evaluating to so you can effort towards it.

Do not Misuse liters

Nowadays, There are Lots of producers are on A & B contracts, therefore they are paid a optional cost for a amount of last year’s milk production and a variable price for any additional. However attractive it may seem when cash flows are strictly compressed, there is small point pushing for those more liters if the B value is very low down.

Be careful of fake Money

It is tempting in hard times to cut back on price inputs such as fertilizer or some others soil treatments. But crop grass is the low-priced food for the dairy cows and while ensiled it is the lowest price feed over the wintry weather. Therefore, this is the best way of saving fund would be testing soil tri-yearly and using the exact amounts of slurry and fertilizer.

In the order of Supermarket

There is lots of milk processing equipment used in the dairy farm. So, it ensures you get 3 quotes for the whole thing that is purchased for the dairy farm. And don’t forget electrical energy, labor and cash. Getting quotation marks from power companies is simple, or you can make use of an agent. Quotes for labor can be suitable if you use temporary labor or a contractor. Quotation marks for money means, just, talking to further banks than your personal.