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How milk processing perform in dairy farm

milk processingMilk is a necessary food for everyone because it gives all nutrients. Cows, goats and buffaloes are the main milk producers now. Dairy cows need several types of grasses to produce higher quality milk. They eat, go for walks, sleep in the grassy fields and are milked there. Cows must have a calf in order to start producing milk. The milk processing period of cows is about 10 months. If the dairy farmers stop milking the cow, it will stop produce milk until it has a further calf.

Today, every cow on dairy farms is milked through milk processing equipment that not harms the cows. Dairy cows can produce approximately 25 liters of milk every day. After, it has to be saved and stored to be transported to the dairy plant. Milk processing starts in dairy farm when it is cooled in storage tanks. Refrigeration kills several spoilage causing germs in milk. It protects milk from sun rays that can remove a quantity of proteins in milk.

This cooled milk is tested for excellence and collected by delivery trucks. Delivery trucks contain milk in particular insulated sections to keep it fresh and cool until it arrives at the dairy factory. After milk is carry to the dairy factory it should be processed further. Milk is a variety of food that gets spoiled very fast if it is not cooled or processed. At the industrial unit, milk goes by different processes to ensure it stays clean and healthy until it reaches the superstore shelves. The main process of milk production processing is done by homogenization and pasteurization. The process is later apply to milk and remains the vital operation in the processing milk. The process of pasteurization milk is heated to approximately 72 degrees Celsius and then fast cooled down.