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Pros and Cons of Cow and Goat Milk

Pros and Cons of Cow and Goat MilkThere is Goat milk and cow milk both is the healthiest food and are available at everyplace. But, it is very brain storming to choose which one is the best. There are some pros and cons of goat milk and cow milk that will help you to select best one.

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How Milk gets from the Cow

cow milk

Getting milk from the cow includes some hidden factors and steps. It is important to know the whole cycle of this milk processing that starts with Cows Grazing and end with Storing Milk. Other important step of this cycle is Harvesting Milk.

Dairy cows typically spend their days eating, sleeping and ruminating or chewing their cud. Typically cows spend about 8 hours eating, 8 hours sleeping and 8 hours ruminating or chewing their cud. Cows are usually provided with a fresh paddock of grass in the morning after milking and another fresh paddock of grass in the evening after milking. They may also be fed some grain in the dairy while being milked and Hay or Silage (conserved forage) if there is not enough grass available. Many large dairy farms utilize growth hormones and antibiotics during the rearing process to artificially increase a cow’s milk production and to decrease the spread of infectious diseases among their cows.

 Harvesting Milk in the Past

A cow is ready to be milked when her udder is full. The farmer has some flexibility when making a schedule of cow milking times. Usually, cows are milked in the early morning and again in the late afternoon. It is possible to milk a cow by hand. However, milking a whole herd of cows twice a day in this manner would take a great deal of time and energy. Before the invention of milking machines, people milked their dairy cows by hand by squeezing gently on the cow’s teats using the thumb and forefinger. Some people continue to milk a little by hand today.

Harvesting Milk Today

Cows are normally milked at least twice a day. Milking time takes about five minutes per cow depending on the type of machine and the amount of milk the cow is producing. Most dairies have enough machines to milk more than 20 cows at one time. Milking machines mimic the action of a young calf by creating a pulsating vacuum around the teat, which causes the milk to be released from the udder.

Milk storage vats or silos are refrigerated and come in various shapes and sizes. Milk is usually stored on the farm at 39 degrees Fahrenheit or colder for no more than 48 hours.  Vats and silos are agitated to make sure that the entire volume remains cold and milk fat does not separate from the milk. After milk has been collected, storage vats and stainless steel pipes are thoroughly cleaned before the farmer milks again.

Precision Dairy Conference coming in 24 and 25 June, 2015


Precision dairy farming is the most important topic which influences dairy farming growth globally. The Precision dairy farming includes the use of technologies to evaluate behavioral, physiological and production indicators on particular animal. Now, one event will be held at Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota for 2 days on 24 June and 25 June, 2015. The event will include showcase sessions for dairy producer, lots of milk production updates and 3 plenary meeting that will go over useful precision dairy managing information.

The event for 2015 Precision Dairy Conference and Expo is a joint venture between Minnesota University and Kentucky University along with some prominent key business sponsors. The trade Conference will be an occasion to make out first-hand what industries have to recommend in the increasing field of the precision technologies and milk processing equipment or dairy equipment. This Conference is planned for dairy producers and useful applications before focusing on presentation of study data. You will be capable to almost visit different farms and observe how they are utilizing precision technology of dairy.

There are other subjects also include such as exciting cow sensors, robotic milking for the milk processing technique, automated calf feeders, methane amount, smart barns, real time cow localization, automated body form scoring, milk work and excellence sensors, and extra. Below are the trade show details, check in timing, registration process timing.

7:30 AM 60 Min Continental Breakfast, Check-in,
Registration & Trade Show
8:30 AM 10 Min Opening & Welcome
8:40 AM 35 Min European Update
9:15 AM 60 Min Producer Showcase
10:15 AM 90 Min Break, Trade Show & Industry Updates
12:00 PM 70 Min Buffet Lunch
1:10 PM 35 Min University of Kentucky Update
1:45 PM 60 Min Producer Showcase
2:45 PM 90 Min Break, Trade Show & Industry Updates
4:15 PM 60 Min Producer Showcase
5:15 PM 15 Min Adjourn for the day
5:30 PM Reception & Cash Bar at Trade Show


7:30 AM 30 Min Full Breakfast
8:00 AM 90 Min Trade Show & Industry Updates
9:30 AM 60 Min Producer Showcase
10:30 AM 35 Min University of Minnesota Update
11:05 AM Conference ends

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How Robotic Milking System Makes Better Milk Production?

Robotic Milking systemRobotic Milking is the milking system of dairy animals mainly of dairy cattle with no human labor. Robotic Milking System is also known as the Automatic milking system and voluntary milking systems which were established on late 20th century. The robots complete the whole milk processing from the enclosed technological area. The teat are separately pre-milked and cleaned to the real milking process and post-milking teat techniques. Through this procedure milk production will get better dairy farm.

The milking procedure of the milk production is constantly monitored through the different sensors and measurement equipments. Variation within the milking process is instantly and obviously flag up. If essential, this information can be sent to an iPad or Smartphone. Thus, improved milk production is one more often-cited advantage of the robotic milkers, mainly for herds milked. The idea is repeatedly milked cows which will visit the robot close to 3 or more times for each day, accordingly getting the advantage of improved milking frequency.

Therefore, Robotic milking system is the best technique for increase the milk production. There are lots of advantages of using Robotic milking system such as managing less labor, save time, less effort and more others. Other than, there are different types of milk processing equipment also very beneficial for boosts milk production techniques. Thus the milk production is very easy technique by way of Robotic Milking System and provides various advantages in the production process.

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Milk Production Report Released by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Milk ProductionU.S. Department of Agriculture is also known as USDA released report of milk production. Milk production in Wisconsin for the duration of February 2015 is 2.21 billion pounds, up to 4% above the previous February, according to the USDA that release National Agricultural Statistics Service Milk Production information or report. The average quantity of milk cows for the duration of February was 1,000 more compare to last month and 6,000 respective to a year ago. This is the biggest amount of milk cows for Wisconsin since 2002 March. There is Monthly production of milk per cow 1,730 pounds averaged, up to 65 pounds from a year previously.

Milk Production in United State

There are 23 main states in the US which deal with milk production services including Wisconsin. The January review represented an improving of 17 million pounds or 0.1% from previous month’s beginning production approximation. The Production per cow in the 23 main states is 1,757 pounds averaged for February, 8 pounds higher than February 2014. This is the maximum production for each cow in the month of February from the time when the 23-state series start in 2003. The evaluation is based upon every months of February being adjusted to the 28 days. This milk production report is very important to prepare plan for milk processing.

There are many cows on dairy farms in the 23 main states that were 8.62 million starts, 106,000 head over February 2014 and 2,000 head over January 2015. Milk production in the US for the period of February 16.2 billion pounds totaled, up to 1.7 percent from 2014 February. Milk Production for each cow in the US is 1,736 pounds averaged for February, 9 pounds higher than February 2014. There are several numbers of milk cows on dairy farms in the US that was 9.31 million head, 100,000 head over 2014 February and 3,000 head above January 2015. The milk production report is good news for sellers of milk processing equipment because high milk production means more demand of milk equipments.

Many Jobs in Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry2Nowadays, dairy industry is growing fast and offering more jobs for the dairy improvement. Additionally, there are many people employed in the dairy farms to growing dairy cow population that will also beneficial. By increasing the quantity of milk they make these dairy farmers will increase their incomes. Therefore, improvement of milk production will benefit for new sectors of the market as well.

Production jobs have already been produced with several projects well higher and the milk collection industry that will necessitate increase to cope through the targeted 50% boost in milk production. The dairy industry will offer job in the country’s transport segment. There are various Jobs for the Manufacturing and allocation in the milk processing business that develop dairy farms infrastructure and also dairy equipment installation on dairy farms, which will be a variety of the further jobs.

Thus, there are various jobs on the dairy industry and industries choose skilled employee who will increase and develop the dairy farm. These dairy farms provide excellent training for the new people. Training includes all the parts of dairy production such as how to install milk processing equipment for the dairy processing, how to increase milk production and develop dairy farm in proper way. Therefore, these strong points must be increase the probability of dairy industry.

The Future of Dairy Industry

Dairy IndustryNowadays, dairy industry is playing an essential role in the economic. Dairy industry is growing very fast in all over the world with help of advance technologies. There are most of the people in the earth who prefer milk as an element of their every day diet. Therefore, it is vital for the global dairy industry to apply more and more latest technology in milk processing with the purpose of improving productivity and decrease wastage. There is milk processing equipment equipped with modern technology use in the dairy industry that improves the value of dairy farms. The Technology has mostly changed every phase of human life in the previous some years.

In the previous few years several latest developments have been ready in the way of dairy technology. This development will be very useful in the upcoming years and give more benefits in the future. Nowadays, many dairy farms utilize automatic machines in order to raise their productivity. The performance of these equipments has led to a raise in the milk production of dairy with better quality of the products to a great extent. Accordingly, most of the people can get more benefit from these products more simply at the present than even a few decades ago.

Thus, for the improvement of dairy industry it is very important to use exact dairy equipments that are also very useful in the growth and value. These milk processing equipments will be very helpful for the future use as well. Other than, dairy industry provides different kinds of dairy products; however, the most generally utilized products are cheese and butter. Thus, the demand of dairy farms has increasingly better more the last 2 centuries.

Indiana Dairy Youth Conference 2015

Indiana Dairy YouthDairy industry is growing very fast with respect to other industries in the world. It is very important to learn everything about dairy industry if anyone is beginner in the dairy field. Now, Indiana 4-H Dairy Youth Academy is the dairy academy that starts sessions for the youth people where they can learn more about the dairy business. Most of the Young people who are between 8 to 18 ages can learn new things about the dairy business at Indiana Dairy Youth seminar 2015. It is sponsored by Purdue Extension. This conference will start from 10 am – 4 pm on 11 April at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds, 2003 Pleasant St., Noblesville.

There will some dairy sessions related with dairy business such as environmental cow relief and dairy activities in a varying weather that will focus on how dairy makers can handle their milk production and herds in an environmentally alert and kind method. The other session will talk revolve in the ground of Guernsey and Golden Guernsey kindness that will instruct contributors for the Guernsey type and its golden milk, which has become a well-known position product. According to Indiana 4-H Dairy Youth Academy, it is a program that plans to make familiar dairy professionals through helping member improves management skills. This youth academy offers the registration due 4 April and costs of registration are $15 per person. The cost covers admittance, meals, a T-shirt, and seminar materials. The registration form is on here .

Therefore, it is very important for every new youth people who want to start dairy business to know about milk processing techniques and dairy industry. There are various varieties of milk processing equipment use in the dairy farms and processor of all milk processing equipments is different. Thus, it needs to know about all process of equipments in a proper way for every youth people who are beginners.

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Cow Milk or Goat Milk – which one is best?

Cow Vs Goat

Milk is the very healthiest food for our body that gives more proteins and vitamins. There is Goat milk and cow milk both is the healthiest food and are available at everyplace. But, it is very brain storming to choose which one is the best. There are some pros and cons of goat milk and cow milk that will help you to select best one.

Pros and Cons of Cow Milk

There are various benefits of cow milk and one of the best is the cream takes apart from the liquid hence, you get cream and butter separately. Cow’s milk is a healthy milk to nourish the masses because it contains vitamin A. Cow’s milk also contains 5 times vitamin B-12 and 10 times folic acid. The Cow’s milk homogenized through the milk processing equipment. Some of the disadvantages of the cow milk are that cow’s milk is difficult to digest. It takes 2 hours to digest cow’s milk in your body, even if it’s raw.

Pros and Cons of Goat Milk

Goat milk is easy to digest as compare to cow milk because Goat’s milk includes small lactose. Goat’s milk has less fat globules with high levels of average chain fatty acids. For the duration of digestion, every fat globule and human fatty acid will have a big surface-to-volume proportion resulting in a faster and simple digestion procedure. Thus, the one of the major advantages is that Goat is naturally homogenized that why no need to use milk processing method in Goat Milk. There are some cons of Goat Milk that several people not like taste of the goat’s milk. The drawback is that it is a small animal and small animals produced less milk.

Protein (g) 3.1 3.2
Fat % (g) 3.5 3.9
Calories/100 ml 60 66
Vitamin A (IU/gram fat) 39 21
Vitamin B1(thiamin (UG/100/ml) 68 45
Riboflavin (ug/100 ml) 210 159
Vitamin C (mg ascorbic acid/100 ml) 2 2
Vitamin D (IU/gram fat) 0.7 0.7
Calcium % 0.19 0.18
Iron % 0.07 0.06
Phosphorus % 0.27 0.23
Cholesterol (mg/100 ml) 10 14
Sugars (lactose) 4.4 4.8
Saturated fatty acids (g) 2.3 2.4
Monounsaturated fatty acids (g) 0.8 1.1
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (g) 0.1 0.1

Thus, there are many factors that influence people to choose goat milk or cow milk as first choice for drinking, culturing, cheese-making, baking or cooking.

The world’s first Camel milk ice cream launched in the UAE

Camel-ice-creamAl Ain Dairy is the biggest dairy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that has introduced the world’s first camel ice cream and products of camel milk. These products are now officially available in selected retail outlets all the way through the UAE under Camelait brand. Al Ain Dairy CEO said thatThis is a monumental achievement not only in the history of Al Ain Dairy, but the UAE as a whole”. Also the dairy company said handling the difficult proteins of camel milk during milk processing procedure to make ice cream that was a biggest challenge and overcome all through the innovation procedure.

There are various flavors available in the ice cream that is date, cardamom, saffron, Carmel, chocolate, and lite raspberry vanilla. The Ice Cream machines will make wonderful ice-cream in these flavors. There is one more product launched by the company that is camel milk powder. This powder is prepared by evaporate 100% natural fresh camel milk to the dryness. The demand for naturally nourishing products constantly rises in the European markets and North American markets, the Al Ain Dairy said that they think the presence for Camelait products is essential now extra ever.

The camel milk powder is come from complete fresh milk production process with the milk processing equipment and without added preservatives, neutralizers and other chemicals. Thus, this is a huge achievement and not only in the history of the Al Ain Dairy, but also the United Arab Emirates.