Health benefit of processed milk

processed milkMilk is a helpful nutritious food, which has a short shelf-life and needs careful handling. Milk is very useful and helpful for health because it is one of the best medium for the development and growth. There are many countries in the world that provide huge amount of milk in all over the world. India is the top country in the chart of milk production. India is also world’s biggest consumer of milk and dairy products. India produces a big 144 million tones of milk annually. There are 75 million farmer families that are producing milk in all countries including European Union. These farmers also look out the milk processing way, milk storage; milk handling and testing on different basis, which is always an important concern.

The Indian dairy sector not only gives health to the country but also increases the economic development. According to report, country accounts for 17% of the total worldwide milk output. Thus, it is time to be thankful to the NDDB that is National Dairy Development Board, which started ‘Operation Flood’ in 1970. The operation transform milk production in India by allowing millions of small and secondary farmers during dairy cooperative in villages and make sure better hygiene standards and better packaging.

Milk pasteurization and processing of milk increases the milk value by killing pathogenic microorganisms and other bacteria that presents in the raw milk. The dairy farmers control it with the use of trustworthy and advanced technology like milk processing equipment and robotic technology. Milk undergoes different types of heat treatment such as high temperature-short time (HTST) pasteurization and ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment.


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