Kansas Milk Production More Than Doubled In the Past 20 Years

cows milk productionMilk production in Kansas has too much doubled in the past 20 years, and professional say numerous factors like the growth of in-state dairies are behind the boost. The cows of Kansas produced 3.1 billion pounds of milk in 2014 and 181% increase production as compared to 1994 according to reported. It is also raise of 6.1% as compared to year before. According to Kansas Department of dairy farmingthat one of the fastest growth rates in the country, with milk production increasing by at least 5 percent each year since 2012.” In 2014, Kansas produced sufficient milk for 350 million one-gallon milk jug, with a quantity of approximately $746 million, according to the group. The state has approximately 325 dairies and 143,000 cows.

Executive director of the Kansas Dairy organization is Stephanie Eckroat said that a combination of aspects have helped boost milk production, with the development of several dairies and every cow producing more extra milk on average than in the earlier period. Dairy farmers are all the time determined to get better their inheritance and milk production.

Dairy owner in another states have eyed move to Kansas because of the accessibility of alfalfa and other feed granule. Kansas also has low wetness and open land wherever dairy farmers do not have to worry about offensive neighbors. It is not clear if milk processing and production will continue to produce at the rate it has in recent years due to water accessibility being a durable issue. Therefore, the Kansas dairy farm using best milk processing equipment to increase milk production in their farms.


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