Israel is the New leader in Dairy Technology

Dairy technologySome years ago, the Israeli dairy farmers faced a difficulty, how they can give milk to a quick growing population in their country through the little graze land. They moved around the technology, developed milk processing equipment that increased output from cooling systems to the milk measuring device and biometrics which have completed Israeli cows the most productive in the globe.

According to science rule, management systems are very helpful for the cows’ health, milk production, inheritance and fertility that are closely monitored. The communal farms over the country, they line up through the dozens to enter weather controlled shed, awaiting the newest innovations in automatic milking that drive up effectiveness. This has placed the country’s farming technology and the companies that supply it that is in demand all over the world as through populations and dairy utilization on the established farming tips are no longer cut it.

Israeli farming has benefited from a report in the country’s bigger high technology business, which has developed into a major development engine and asset inducement. The international market for dairy agricultural technologies is appeal about $850 million per year according to business resource. Israel exports division is totaled $110 million in 2014, up to 7% increase from a past year, according to the country’s export organization. For example in the US, milk processing production has increases by approximately half since 1970, although the number of cows has turn down through about a sector. Therefore, Developing countries in the Asia they want to improve their outdated dairy business and are looking to Israel for milk products and knowledge.


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