World’s Biggest Milk Producer Plan to Double Milk Production by 2027

milk prodution

The world’s prime producer of milk (India) plans to twice its production by 2027 in comparison to 2012 levels.  In a progress which would bring yearly levels of milk production in the country to approximately 280 billion liters.  This enhance, which signifies an annual development rate of 5.9%, is necessary to keep speed with the predicted get higher in Indian consumption of dairy or milk products. Total utilization of egg and dairy products in the India between 1990 and 2011 grew through approximately 120%.

According to Irish Farmers Journal Jack Kennedy who is dairy expert said that Ireland’s sell abroad to the country are minimum, but as the world’s leading milk producer, a push to become basically self-contained in milk processing production is quite important, provided that mainly of India’s milk production presently takes place on individual dairy farms with only 3 or 4 cows, the common of which are buffaloes. The Milk Producer plans increase the development, also suggests latest plan, maintain self-support that will be an important challenge.

Therefore, Referring to Ireland’s minimum imports to the state, the spokesperson added that Indian administration policy is to retain dairy self-support for household consumption and the administration puts “severe significance levies on every dairy imports, usually 35% plus, while China freely allows dairy imports through minimum duties. These are using now latest milk processing equipment which is improving the production. However, along with the little scale of its dairy farms, India faces other challenge in getting its 2027 production goal counting limited quantity of fodder and the value of concentrate.


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