A Dairy Farm Which Is Run by Robots

Sunny Glade Farm is a confidential company which categorizes under the Dairies and placed in Blumenort, MB, Canada. This was established on the 1999 and provides several businesses such as Blumenort, Milk Production, NskDairy Cattle and MBDairy Farms. The company has robots to milk the cows, robots to mix up the feed, and robots to send the feed to animals. There are sensors joined to every cow to check activity and cogitation and even to inform you if they are in warmth.

These days dairy farm is not at every what advertisements and pictures viewing the calm farm life would have you think. Cows go to the milking stations of robotic in their own, somewhere they are recognized, milked, nourished, and sent go back on to the shed until next milking. A Volkswagen-sized robot that is well-known as the Vector allocates food for eager cattle, being confident not to run into whatever thing along the manner. In this Dairy Farm, there are 200 cows for milk processing that can be only run by the 3 people.

Story Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-09/this-dairy-farm-is-run-by-robots


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