Why Most People Fail In Dairy business


There are various reasons behind not getting success in dairy business. Most of the dairy farms were opened with the latest design, tools and effective breed animals but now only 50% dairy farms are in perfect condition and running successfully. The intention of this is not to demotivate new dairy farmers but to actually investigate the causes for not getting success of several dairy businesses. Below are the reasons for failure of dairy farms.

Don’t have Experience in dairy business

This is very important to have basic knowledge about how to start and run a dairy business because it is the initial point and through this initial point you can start a dairy business. There are various people who want to start their own dairy firm but don’t have any experience about dairy firm, so it is very vital to know each and everything about dairy business before start a dairy business. There are various things to recognize about it such as having perfect knowledge of required milk processing equipment, knowledge about most recent design and knowledge about breed animals.

Not be Careful for Calves

There are many dairy firms failed which didn’t take right care of calves. The Proper care of feminine calves is very necessary for long term successful in milk production. In some dairy firms, there were 100 lactating buffaloes but just 20-30 calves and rest of calves were previously deceased. Therefore, all successful dairy farmers advise about the importance of female calves, the reason behind is that these start providing milk in the 3-4 years.

Inappropriate feed and fodder Organization

Many of the farmers give good feed and fodder at the primary stage. Whilst milk yield decreased after in 5-6 months, these farmers decreased the feed and food that is not good for milk processing. Therefore, it is very vital to know each and everything about dairy firm because dairy farming is just for those who are passionate on it. It needs time and lots of endurance to be victorious in dairy business.


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